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Founded in 2019, Jiangsu Qiwei Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is located at No. 78, Huaxi Road, Huaian Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu. It is a professional automobile brake pad manufacturer integrating R&D, production, processing and sales. The company occupies an area of 150 acres, with a construction area of 80,000 square meters of facilities such as factory buildings, office buildings, and staff dormitories. It has 16 advanced auto brake pad automatic production lines and a complete set of complete testing equipment. It can produce 10 million sets of automobile brake pads every year.

The company's management team has a rigorous attitude, open vision and rich experience in production management, quality management, and sales management. It has a deep understanding of the development status and trends of automobile brake pads, and has a clear strategy and plan for the company's future development. The company has a scientific and technological team that attaches great importance to technological innovation, and has developed dozens of high-end formula friction material products for brake pads of various automobile models, covering more than 2,000 models of major automobile brands at home and abroad. The company adopts an automatic batching system with program control batching and error-proof scanning functions; adopts a six-station equal ratio pressing production line, which has stable quality, high production efficiency and low labor intensity; adopts a fully automatic CNC processing line to ensure that every product Able to meet high standard quality requirements.

In terms of testing, it is also equipped with high-end testing and inspection equipment such as inertia bench testing machine and Claus testing machine that meet the requirements of CCC mandatory standards to simulate test runs. The product testing and testing are strictly controlled, and unqualified products are resolutely prevented from flowing to the market; the company pays great attention to The overall quality control of the production process, the products strictly implement national standards, and have passed China's compulsory CCC certification. Based on innovation and facing the market, the company strives to provide users with high-quality, applicable products and satisfactory after-sales services.