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What are the requirements of the car factory for brake pads?

2020-07-25 09:03:22

The basic requirements of automobile factories for brake pads include 9 indicators, and these 9 indicators are required at the same time, so that the conditions for entering the automobile factory are first achieved in terms of technical indicators. Then, the automobile factory checks the factory's process control ability in accordance with the TS16949 system audit standard. When this point has reached the standard, you can enter the car factory and become the original car supporting brake pads.

So which nine technical indicators need to be met at the same time for original brake pads?

Answer: The coefficient of friction must be stable, the service life must be long, the noise probability is low, the brake disc wear is small, the high temperature braking ability is stable, the thermal expansion is low, the compression rate is qualified, the dust is low, and the material is environmentally friendly.

Is the coefficient of friction of the brake pads the bigger the better?

Answer: No. The friction coefficient of the brake pads is designed according to the weight inertia of the car itself. It considers several technical indicators of speed, inertia, braking distance and comfort. Generally, the friction coefficient on the market is between 0.34 and 0.42. However, it is actually very simple to increase the friction coefficient, just add a friction enhancer. The judging standards and requirements for the quality of brake pads by automobile factories do not depend on how big they are marked, but on whether the friction coefficient remains stable under various extreme road conditions such as water spraying, winding roads, and continuous sudden braking. Many products with a high friction coefficient seem to be marked with a rapid decrease in braking force or even loss of braking ability in the above emergency situations. Such phenomena are not rare.

The above is the introduction of brake pad manufacturers about the manufacturer's requirements for brake pads. I hope it will help you!

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