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Isnt the brake pad permitted to enter the country?

2020-07-25 09:03:22

Isn't the brake pad permitted to enter the country?

Answer: Yes. The state has always strictly controlled brake pads and other products related to the vital interests of citizens.

With the advent of the peak of automobile brake pad replacement, many car owners began to know and purchase brake pads, but everyone’s understanding of brake pads comes from recommendations and introductions from auto repair shops. However, for reasons of self-interest, automobile Factory repairs often consider problems from their own perspective, so many of the information and concepts that car owners get are wrong. Of course, there are also smart consumers who will use the Baidu platform to seek more real knowledge and answers. The purpose of this article is to interpret the causes of common problems on the market from a professional perspective and from the technical standards of the original car. Consumers consume clearly.

(Note: The author’s factory supplies original vehicles from more than 20 automakers including DaimlerChrysler (Benz), Audi, Volkswagen, GM, Ford, FAW, Haima, Hyundai, Nissan, Chery, Great Wall, BYD, Geely, etc. It is a domestic company with new car synchronous research and development capabilities. The research and development center is recognized by the state as a research and development center. This article is taken from its brand internal training manual).

As the most important safety component in automobiles, the quality of brake pads directly affects our safety, and because of this importance, the country has a strict access system for brake pads. But even so, as a consumer, if you want to buy original car-quality products on the market, it is really a technical task to test your own vision. Today, we analyze the causes of common brake pad problems from a purely technical perspective, so that everyone knows how to choose the brake pads that suit them. What are the reasons for the problems encountered in the past? Those statements are actually wrong understandings? Is it really easy to stump the brake pads?

As long as the car can be braked and there is no noise? (Special note: This article is a purely technical interpretation, and its interpretation is based on the original car matching standards. The author understands and supports consumers and brand manufacturers to choose products that suit their positioning. The author firmly agrees that as long as the brand produced by the state has been licensed Recognized by relevant national standards. Based on technical knowledge, this article will inevitably have inaccuracies. This article and the author’s brand does not bear any legal responsibility for the problems caused by the above.)

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