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Why is always fooled when buying brake pads every time? What are the hazards of inferior brake pads

2020-07-25 09:03:22

The products of brake pad manufacturers are classified as key safety components of automobile brake systems to protect the driving safety of car owners, and its significance should not be underestimated. In the face of many indiscriminate brake pads on the market, how to choose a high-quality brake pad that suits you? It is necessary to understand the method of judging inferior brake pads to reduce the chance of being deceived.

From which angles to choose brake pads

Scholars commented that the quality of brake pads is usually considered from the following perspectives: braking performance, high and low temperature friction coefficient, high and low speed friction coefficient, service life, noise, braking comfort, no damage to the disc, expansion and compression performance.

What are the hazards of inferior brake pads

Harm 1,

A car has a left wheel and a right wheel. If the friction performance of the brake pads of the two wheels is inconsistent, the brakes will run off when the brake pads are stepped on and the car will even turn around.

Harm 2,

From the perspective of brake pad wear, on the one hand, if the brake pad wear rate is too large and the brake pads are replaced frequently, the user's economic burden will increase; on the other hand, if it does not wear off, it will wear the dual-brake disc, This economic loss is even greater with brake drums.

Hazard 3.

The brake pad is a safety part. During the braking process, it will generate temperature. The brake pads of regular manufacturers can ensure that the braking temperature is within the temperature range of 100~350°C, and the friction coefficient and wear rate of the product remain sufficiently stable. Sex. The friction performance of inferior products under high temperature conditions is likely to decrease, causing the driver to feel that the brakes are too soft under long-term braking conditions; if the brakes are braked at high speeds, the braking distance will be extended or the brakes will fail. Cause a serious accident.

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