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Decrypt the reason behind the ash drop of brake pads?

2020-07-25 09:03:22

Speaking of brake pads falling ash, people first sort out a definition with everyone, what is ash falling: ash falling is just the debris that falls off due to friction between the brake pads and the brake disc when the car is about to brake (people call it: Ash).

Everyday people see the powder of the brake pads falling off and turn the wheel hub black. People feel that the brake pads frequently shed powder. It is a misconception about the material of the brake pads, which causes people to point out when the wheel hub turns black. These concepts are seriously losing fans. Everyday people should have touched the high-end cars of BMW, Volvo, Touareg, etc., what about the wheels of these high-end cars? I believe everyone who I know about will find that their wheels are very black. Attentive people have generally noticed that the brake pads of many world-renowned brands have a common feature, which is also a drop in black powder.

Why are the original brand brake pads of high-end cars so black that they are powdery, while the original brake pads of compact cars are not so black that they are powdery? Why are the broken pieces of brake pads of many top brands so black, while the powder dropped from brake pads of more than ten dollars in the world is not getting darker and darker? Which brake pad brands are good now?

When you drive a high-end car, people in addition to experience the comfort in the car, the key is to feel the super pleasure that the high-end car's traction characteristics give us. Then there is the braking characteristics of high-end cars, there is really nothing to say, a slightly shorter braking distance, comfortable braking effect (nodding effect during sudden braking is not significant) and so on. This is all the advantages of a high-end body. If your car has driven for a certain distance, you will find black powder on the wheels.

It stands to reason that manufacturers of high-end cars should pay much attention to the appearance of the car body, so why use brake pads with black powder? This means that it involves the safety factor of driving and the comfort of braking. Since brake pad manufacturers have to ensure the coordination, durability, and comfort of the vehicle when braking, a lot of carbon fiber is added to the friction material of the brake pad. (Because carbon fiber is very light, its proportion is lighter than aluminum. The 1/4 specific strength of tapped steel is 22 times that of iron, and it has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and durability. It has such unique features.

The brake pads of high-end cars have such good characteristics, but the friction material always has carbon fiber. The disadvantage is that the toner that is rubbed off during braking is too dark. This is where the cargo owners who buy high-end cars are more worried. . However, compared to the safety factor, reliability, and comfort of the car when braking, the black and gray fragments no longer seem critical. If you spend a lot of money to explore the defects that a certain material replaces carbon fiber and the particles that fall out after friction are black and gray, it is unlikely. The reason is simple. The cost of scientific research has already greatly exceeded the defects of the goods. value.

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