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Why is always fooled when buying brake pads every time? Encyclopedia of methods for judging inferior brake pad brands

2020-07-25 09:03:22

1. When you get the disc brake pads in the market, check whether the chamfers of the brake pads are the same on both sides, whether the grooves in the middle are straight and neat, and whether the edges are smooth and free of burrs. Because of these details of the product, although it does not affect the braking performance of the production pad, it can reflect the equipment manufacturing level of the brake pad manufacturer. Without good manufacturing equipment, it is difficult to produce a good product even with a good formula.

2. Involving disc brake pads, check whether the friction material part of the brake pad and the back plate will have overflow, that is, there is friction material on the steel plate. This shows several reasons. First, the back plate and the mold are pasted in the hot pressing step. Poor fit, there are cracks; secondly, the hot pressing process is not very good. The time and frequency of exhaust gas are not suitable for the product molding process. The possible problem is that the internal quality of the product is poor.

3. Speaking of heavy-duty drum brake pads, check the conditions near the large and small holes of the brake pads. When the index finger rotates inside, there should be no tingling discomfort. If conditions permit, try to use the reverse side of the inner arc Lift it down over the top of the head and let it fall under the condition of lightly applying force. You can see that the brake pad can rebound without cracks, which means it is of good quality, and low-quality brake pads may crack.

4. From the perspective of heavy truck drum brake pads, there is a difference between high-quality brake pads and unqualified brake pads during riveting. There is a gap between the inner arc of the poor-quality brake pads and the brake shoes, and riveting will occur during the riveting process. , Or the problem of riveting corners may occur.

5. Regarding brake shoes, the first thing to look at is whether the bonding of the lining and the shoe can have glue overflow and the lining is deflected. This question is reflected in the production process of the lining and the shoe, and the production process has problems, even if this It will not cause great harm to the characteristics of braking, but it reflects that the manufacturer's quality control ability in the production process is not good, so that the internal quality should also be pointed out.

6. Whether it is disc brake pads, heavy truck brake pads, or shoe brake pads, the internal quality test can use multiple similar product friction materials to contact the surface layer, and then use relative friction, if it shows the problem of powder and dust loss, This indicates that the brake pad brand is a low-quality product, and the reason is analyzed. The friction material of the product is relatively loose, which can endanger the thermal degradation performance and wear performance of the product at any time.

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