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What brand of brake pads are better on the market now?

2020-11-20 09:46:07

Brake pad manufacturers will introduce what brand of brake pads are better, understand the relevant knowledge of brake pads or if there are problems in the purchase, please feel free to consult us at any time, hope it will help you!

Ferodo, TRW, Timington, Xinyi, Braxcel, Aquibono, Nisshinbo, Honeywell, ATE, Bosch, AC Deco, Brembo, Rebesto, Believe, etc. These brands All are produced by OEM factories, and are the main original car manufacturers in the world. Of course, you must ensure that what you buy is genuine.

Like all objects, the strength of the intermolecular links of the material organization decreases at high temperatures. The principle of brake braking is to convert kinetic energy into heat energy by friction to achieve braking (energy balance theory). Therefore, a large amount of heat generated by the friction between the brake pads and the disc will accumulate on the surface of the brake pad friction material, and the original car brakes In order to achieve sufficient strength of the brake pads under such high temperature conditions, materials such as high-temperature resistant resin, high-purity graphite, and high-purity barium sulfate must be selected, and these materials are just like you choose only the same size from a car of carbon Like coal, the cost will rise substantially. And inferior brake pads, they will not use such high-end materials.

Therefore, they cannot guarantee the stability at high temperature, and as the speed increases, the heat becomes more, the temperature is higher, and the link strength is lower, thereby reducing the braking ability, which is manifested in the extension of the braking distance.

Therefore, the brake pads that you find to be able to drive at a speed of 20 to 60 kilometers per hour in the city do not mean that you have the same stable braking distance performance at high speeds. When the link strength of the molecular chain decreases at high temperatures, its wear speeds up. This is why the service life of general brand brake pads is very short in mountainous areas or under frequent sudden braking conditions.

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