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Quick questions and answers from car brake pad manufacturers

2020-11-20 09:44:19

Is the brake pad noisy, but soft, and its service life is short?

Answer: No, a lot of this statement comes from auto repair shops. If there is noise, say that the brake pads are hard, make you a soft one, no noise, but you are required to accept short-lived defects. If you want a long life like a taxi, it must be hard, and you can only accept noise or grinding. In fact, these statements are not accurate. In addition to the mature formula supporting the original car, it has the ability to ensure low noise and at the same time guarantee a long life and not damage the 9 major indicators. Most of the people on the market are solely focusing on noise as their main target. They are for the so-called market demand. This kind of product basically has a short life span, about 20,000 to 40,000 kilometers. As for whether the safe braking distance and braking ability under high temperature can be guaranteed in emergency situations. That requires the owner's own judgment.

Is there no noise in the brake pads of the original car?

Answer: It can only be said that the probability is extremely low. Because there are too many factors causing noise, and the main ability of brake pads is to require safe braking ability under various extreme road conditions to remain stable.

Why do some brake pads feel jittery when they step on the brake after they are installed? Just change to another pair. Is it the quality of the brake pads?

Answer: The brake pads will not cause jitter. The reason for the jitter is mostly because the brake disc is deformed alternately under high temperature conditions, or the brake disc is warped after re-disc, which has nothing to do with the brake pad. As for why it’s fine for you to change one, it’s probably because the latter is very compressible, and the product can absorb this warping and deformation of the brake disc. In the original vehicle standard, compressibility is a very important item. The compressibility of the brake pads is required to be between 0.1 and 0.2 mm under normal braking force, so as to ensure the response of the brake pads under emergency braking conditions. speed. Therefore, taking the above consideration into consideration, it would be better to replace the brake pads because of jitter, perhaps not worth it.

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